Face Recognition

Product code: DHI-ASI7214Y-V3 · 7 inch IPS display, resolution 1024×600 · Support face unlock, fingerprint unlock, IC card unlock, and password unlock; unlock by period · With face detection box; the largest face among faces that appear at the same time is recognized first; the maximum face size can be configured on the web · 2MP wide-angle WDR lens; with auto/manual fill light · Face-camera distance: 0.3 m–2.0 m; human height: 0.9 m–2.4 m · With face recognition algorithm, the access controller can recognize more than 360 positions on human face · Face verification accuracy>99.5%; face comparison speed 0.35s per person; low false recognition rate

Mô tả sản phẩm

· Support profile recognition; the profile angle is 0°–90°
· Holds 50, 000 users, 50, 000 faces, 10, 000 fingerprints, 50, 000 cards, 50, 000 passwords, and 50 administrators
· Support liveness detection
· Support duress alarm, tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door contact timeout alarm, illegal card exceeding threshold alarm , and more
· Support general users, patrol users, VIP users, guest users, and the disabled users
· With 4 unlock status display modes.




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