Barrier: DHI-IPMECDTSM-2032

The barrier primarily consists of casing, transmission mechanism, control box,andbarrierarm.Itusesservomotoranddigitalcontroller,and enjoys low power consumption and is energy saving. Thebarrierisapplicabletoaccesscontrolforresidentialareas,hotels, governments, supermarkets, schools, airports, factories, public security andjudicialorganizations,ports,terminals,hospitals,andsoon

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· Automatic opening in case of power failure, suitable for unattended parking scenarios.
· Servo motor;adjustable and fast barrier arm lifting speed (as fast as 1s).
· Motor enjoys lifespan of more than 5 million times, suitable for scenes with large traffic volume such as shopping malls and hospitals.
· Anti-smashing function realized by connected radar,coil,or IR sensor.
· Supports remote control, with maximum distance of 50 m (164.04 ft) in open and interference-free environments.
· Automatic lifting when the barrier mar meets obstacle.
· Barrier with 1.5m(4.92ft), 3m(9.84ft), 3.5m(11.48ft) or 4m (13.12ft) arm supports anti-impact:Aturning deviceis designed between the barrier arm and the main shaft of barrier.The device helps turn the barrier arm away before the arm is impacted.
· Operating temperature: –40°C to +70°C (–40°F to +158°F).
· Operating voltage: 186V–264V AC.
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