Pedestrian Slim Gate-RS816T2023-E

Model: RS816T2023-E. The intelligent pedestrian speed gate turnstile RS816T2023-E has a lossless modular mechanism structure, and has an advanced brushless servo control system and DSP+ARM servo motor control technology independently developed by RS Security. The turnstile adopts servo motor, so as to make the speed gate turnstile with advantages of high stability, high safety, long life service, accurate detection, fast, stable and silent running, etc.

Mô tả sản phẩm

The intelligent pedestrian speed gate turnstile has strong waterproof and dustproof capabilities, and is suitable for high-end indoor and outdoor occasions such as office buildings, factories, airports, government agencies, schools, hospitals, and leisure venues etc. 

RS816T2023-E is a swing barrier with a modular design that realizes fasts witching between different readers, and reader installation can be completed by merely pull-out and plug-in. After installing the corresponding readers, RS816T2023-E can support multiple verification method, including RFID, fingerprint, QR code, palm verification, visible light facial recognition can realize touchless entrance control that avoids hands exposing to bacteria and boost public hygienic security.


  • Brushless servo motor with 2400 lines position feedback.
  • Current+position double detection, adjustable sensitivity.
  • The switch speed is fast, and it is stable and does not shake.
  • Work with sensors, 5- 10 pairs per lane
  • One way/ two ways access control
  • Passable on power failure
  • Lane width: 600mm/ 900mm
  • Normal close/normal open
  • Door material: plexiglass, tempered glass (optional)
  • Door close time: 1-60s, 10s (default)
  • One card one person (default), Group pass for Continuous swiping card (optional)
  • Door bounce back once hit block during movement
  • Compatible with various types of access control system


Video demo :



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